Topic:The Latest Trends and Changes in Standardized English Tests (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE) 题目:标准化英语考试(TOEFL, IELTS, PTE)最新趋势详解

2017-3-01, 星期三, 从 下午6:30下午8:30

活动详情: 本次活动将用中文进行。 EducationUSA邀请到TOEFL, IELTS和PTE考试机构的代表为大家重点介绍这几大考试2017年最新变化和趋势。同时现场会为学生和家长解答有关考试的构成,考点,报名方式等问题。 This event will be conducted in Chinese. Event Details: EducationUSA invites the representatives from TOEFL, IELT and PTE test agencies to discuss the latest trends and changes. The representatives will answer questions about test format, content and the enrollment procedures of their tests. 注意:本活动免费提供给一般公众。音频和视频记录设备不得使用。有关媒体采访细节须直接与美国使馆新闻处取得联系。 NOTE: This event is open to the general public free of charge. Audio or video recording of the program will not be permitted. Press inquiries should be directed to the U.S. Embassy Press Office. 请记住携带有效身份证件与报名确认邮件进入北京美国中心。此活动请勿携带大包。 You must bring a valid photo ID and your registration confirmation email in order to get into the Beijing American Center (BAC). Large bags will not be allowed into the program area of BAC. 请务必准时到达北京美国中心,在活动开始30分钟后将不允许入场参加活动。 You must arrive at the Embassy BAC entrance no later than half an hour of the program starting time for check in. You will NOT be admitted if you arrive half an hour after the program has started. 参与者授权美国国务部拍摄和录像他们的形象和/或声音。允许美国国务部在公共信息项目和活动中发布、出版、广播或引用这些材料。获得的内容可能会被用于未来的演讲、在互联网上传播、以及通过多种广播渠道和印刷媒体传播。内容(图片、音频或想法)的使用将不会用于商业目的。 Attendees grant permission to the U.S. Department of State to photograph and video record their image and/or voice. Permission is granted for the U.S. Department of State to release, publish, broadcast or quote this material in public information programs and activities. Content procured may be included in future speeches, on the Internet, through multiple broadcast channels and print media. Use of content (image, audio or ideas) will not be used for commercial purposes. 出于安全原因,北京美国中心的工作人员保留拒绝任何人进入的权利。 For security reasons, the BAC staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone. 地点:北京市朝阳区安家楼路55号 (美国大使馆东门)。 Location: No. 55 An Jia Lou Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (East Gate of the U.S. Embassy). 交通:地铁10号,亮马桥站B出口,向东北步行至天泽路和安家楼路交汇处, 签证处北侧。 Directions: Metro Line 10, Liangmaqiao Station Exit B, walk northeast to the Tian Ze Road intersection of An Jia Lou Road, north side of the Visas Office.